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Why Choose Lawrence County Signature School?

  • Students learn from home with the support and guidance from certified Lawrence County teachers.  


  • We have designed our program for those who may need more flexibility, more of a challenge, or who may perform better outside of a traditional classroom. LCSS gives you the freedom to follow your own unique path to learning.   


  • Support is provided by assigned mentors who directly monitor the engagement and academic progress of the student.


  • Students are free to explore various careers and hands-on learning provided to high schoolers through a rich assortment of career and technical education classes.


  • Access to instruction 24 hours a day, seven days a week from virtually anywhere.


  • Freedom to work on your time while still achieving a high school diploma from an accredited public school.

The Lawrence County Signature School is a K-12 blended and virtual student-centered online educational program supported by the Lawrence County School Systems.  We are a high-quality, tuition-free online public education system offering an alternative to the traditional classroom setting.  We provide online classes that allow students the opportunity to participate in the same rigorous curriculum and standards as any Alabama public school. 


"Our mission is to provide an extraordinary education while fostering each student's intellectual, social, physical, and moral development in an academic-rich environment."